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Posted by Lauren Davis on 12/20/2017

If you plan to sell a house, you should allocate time and resources to remove clutter from the attic. By doing so, you can show off the true size of your house and increase the likelihood of a fast, profitable home sale.

Ultimately, there are several best practices to help home sellers declutter an attic, and these practices include:

1. Separate Clutter from Items That You Want to Keep

Your attic may be filled with a wide range of items. As a home seller, you'll want to differentiate attic items that you want to keep from those that need to be removed from your home.

With items that you intend to keep, you should package these items safely. Then, you can store these items neatly in your attic. Or, you can move these items into a storage unit.

For home sellers who encounter a massive collection of attic clutter, there is no need to worry. You may be able to sell or donate excess items that work properly and are in great condition. Furthermore, be sure to dispose of any damaged or broken items immediately.

2. Get Plenty of Help

The temptation to tackle attic cleaning on your own may be overwhelming, but it is important to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Thus, if you try to remove attic clutter on your own, you risk myriad problems along the way.

Attic clutter can range from small and lightweight to big and heavy. If you're operating on a strict timeline, you might struggle to quickly get clutter out of your attic if you work alone. And if you're forced to remove large items on your own, there is a risk of injury as well.

When it comes to decluttering an attic, caution is key. As such, you should enlist the help of family members and friends to ensure you can remove attic clutter quickly and safely.

In addition, if you want to avoid the hassle of decluttering your attic, you may want to hire professional help. With friendly, knowledgeable cleaning professionals at your side, you should have no trouble eliminating clutter from your attic.

3. Consult with a Real Estate Agent

Clutter is a major problem in many attics, and few h

Posted by Lauren Davis on 7/6/2016

Declutter your home and your stress may lower. You might also enjoy greater mental clarity. Reduced financial waste, greater personal savings and less time spent searching for keys, gadgets and other misplaced items are additional advantages that you could receive after you declutter your home. Get Rid of Excess and Gain More Space Even if your home is overloaded with furniture, it's possible to declutter your home in 30 days. It's also trouble free, especially if you really want to simplify your life. To start, get large moving boxes to place needless items inside. Other steps that you can take to declutter your home are:

  1. Identify items that you don't need. As a tip, if you haven't used an item in three months or longer, there's a good chance that you don't need it.
  2. Place three to five items in a box each day.
  3. Go through your closet and place clothes that are either too big or too small for you in a box.
  4. Remove packaged dry food from countertops and place them in cupboards. Keep sauce pans and skillets beneath the kitchen sink.
  5. Donate old books to your local library.
  6. Store folding chairs in the garage or a storage closet.
  7. Install brighter lights in dimly lit rooms and remove heavy drapes from windows to allow more natural light inside your home. Not only can this step help to declutter your home, it could also keep your home cooler in spring and summer, potentially lowering your utility bill.
  8. Install a ceiling fan and get rid of floor fans or store floor fans in a closet or the garage until they are needed.
  9. Build decorative shelves in one or more rooms of your home. Place family pictures, knick knacks and books in the shelves. Remove empty bookcases from your home.
  10. Clean the attic, garage and storage closets at the start of each new season.
For large items like sofas, chairs and dressers that you are ready to let go of, consider calling a charity and asking them if they will pick up the furniture free of charge. Also, declutter your home office if you telecommute.† You could store paper files electronically and set a date for when you will get rid of old files. As an example, you might decide to get rid of files that are 10 years or older. Consumerism drives us to spend, buying furniture, gadgets, clothes and jewelry that we don't need and might only use once. A decluttered home can make your home more spacious and help you recognize what's most important, behaviors like spending quality time with your family, getting outdoors more, participating in your favorite hobbies and setting aside time each day to relax.